Faced with the challenge of increasing the production of quality food to feed the world's population in the context of climate change, quinoa offers an alternative for those countries suffering from food insecurity.
This seed is native to the Andes region. Quinoa and amaranth are very similar, for
starters it is another seed called "super food". The difference is that instead of being a religious seed for the Aztecs, it was a religious seed for the Incas. It also became a prohibited seed during the conquest, for the same reason that it was considered pagan. And what do you think?

Unlike amaranth, its production has increased exponentially in recent years. This since it is a very good substitute for rice, but compared to rice, quinoa provides us with much more protein, to be exact, 100g of rice provides 6.6g of protein, while 100g of quinoa provides 10g of protein. In addition to that there are 3 different types of quinoa: white, red and black. Its cultivation, like amaranth, is very friendly to the environment, since not as much water is used as it would be when wanting to produce meat. For the same reason it is a seed that fights climate change and is a very good alternative to combat food insecurity that many countries suffer, for this reason the FAO decided that 2013 would be the International Year of Quinoa, in recognition of ancestral practices of the Andean peoples, who have managed to preserve it as food for present and future generations.
Currently, the main producers are Peru and Bolivia, in Mexico it is produced in the state of Aguascalientes, its production is not very high, but due to its characteristics it has great potential for development in Mexico, the United States and Canada. It has multiple health benefits, and the different types contribute different things, such as:


White Quinoa: The best known and most popular. Its flavor is mild and has few calories while more fiber and protein. The carbohydrate level is low so it helps burn fat and build muscle.Red quinoa. It is known as quinoa for athletes, because the carbohydrate dose is higher, this type of quinoa takes a little longer to cook.
Black quinoa. This type of quinoa is actually a hybrid between quinoa and spinach seeds. It has anti-inflammatory and healing properties, it takes the longest to cook and retains a more earthy flavor than the other varieties.
-It is gluten free! Just like amaranth is an appropriate seed for celiac people.



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