Chia is another seed native to Mexico and Guatemala, mainly from its mountainous areas,
it is believed to have been part of human food since 3500 B.C. There was a time when this seedwas used as a currency in central Mexico. It was used ground in flour integrating medicines; pressed to obtain its oil, and then used as a base for cosmetic paints for both the face and body. In the war it was essential due to its energizing condition, since legend says that Aztec warriors could sustain themselves all day fed with a spoonful of chia, and like amaranth and quinoa, it was offered to the gods in religious ceremonies. Therefore it was prohibited. In fact, before the conquest of America, chia was a staple food for the civilizations of Mexico; its cultivation was probably the third in economic importance, surpassed only by corn and beans. Today, chia is very popular and is known for the help it provides when you want to lose weight, but not only does it help in that matter, in fact this seed provides omega 3, Omega 3 are essential fatty acids that our body cannot produce.
So is called a superfood for a reason, and that reason is that chia contains:
5 times more calcium than milk

3 times more antioxidants than blueberries

3 times more iron than spinach

2 times more fiber than oatmeal

2 times more protein than any vegetable

2 times more potassium than banana


So as we can see it contains a lot of nutrients and not only that, this seed is actually
environmentally sustainable, so along with the other superfoods it makes a great team.



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