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We are in the business of saving the world and we do it by creating nutritious, delicious and sustainable food solutions based on super seeds (Amaranth, Chia & Quinoa).
ONEPRIZE is align with 4 to the 17 SDGs by the United Nations as the 2030 agenda goals.
We aim to fight huge problems such as malnutrition, poverty and climate change by empowering smallholder farmers and spreading superfoods' high nutritional impact on our society.
Back in 2017, a team of dreamer started with this company, going  on the journey, on what is the healthies and most sustainable FOODS for ourselfs, future generations and our planet; We found seeds. We aim to change the way we eat in a sustainable way by creating the most nutritious, and delicious  snacks for you.
Using superfoods as base ingredients we create a whole new multiple products line, only that way we can find better solution to improve peoples health, farmers life and sustainable food sources while disrupting the broken superfood industry and commerce dynamics.
Everyone must eat! We all eat food three times a day. Food is inherently impactful; we must engage with it every day, it impacts our communities and how we come together, for example to enjoy a meal. We want to get to social impact and environmental change, food and agriculture provide a tremendous way to do that while bringing people together to tackle a common challenge.
Our population is growing, our climate is changing, and our food preferences keep evolving. To make sure there is enough safe, healthy and affordable food, we need to make significant changes to our food system. People want their food system to be transparent - from who grows it to how it arrives in the grocery store. They want snacks that is good for them and the planet. And perhaps most importantly people all around the world want food that tastes good.

Enjoying a ONEPRIZE product represents freedom.

It’s the freedom to eat the food you love and have no regrets ever again.

If you want to learn more about Superfood Nutrition and our products, please feel free to contact us here. We’re always excited to talk about the amazing benefits of seeds potential health benefits!
Our big goal is to help feed 9 billion people by 2050. We believe in the potential of young people. We believe that SUPERFOODS innovations like this, we can change the future and build a better, more productive but environmentally sustainable way of living.


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