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Prize Foods was founded in 2018 in Monterrey, Mexico by Alan Rivas, who graduated from Tecnologico de Monterrey with an Economics degree. He was determined to show that it is possible to eat the foods we love while maintaining a healthy lifestyle and avoiding the dangers of consuming junk food. A year later, After gaining recognition and popularity in Mexico, Alan expanded to the United States with the help of Charlie Goldstein and Diego Garza, Business Students at the University of Southern California (USC).

As worldwide obesity rates have exceeded 30% unhealthy snacks, such as chocolate, have become a staple in many people’s everyday diet; over 93 million US adults are considered obese. Chocolate is the second leading product containing the most sugar, calories & fats per piece, causing several health problems including obesity & high blood pressure.     


This is why we created One Prize, a guilt-free product line made of superfoods like amaranth, chia & quinoa; combined with the delicious chocolate flavor that we all love. Ranging from 66 to 75 calories, our three different flavored chocolate bars each with six cubes, are the perfect substitute for traditional high sugar, high-calorie chocolate bars. 


In only two years, hundreds of thousands of individuals have tried our product. We are selling chocolate bars because we want to share our delicious creation while at the same time, help consumers combat dietary issues. We are doing this because we love seeing our clients satisfied every time they choose One Prize. We inspire people to change their consumption habits, and they do so by sharing One Prize. Every bite represents a story, and each story fulfills our One Prize mission. 

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