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One Prize is a startup concerned with the dietary issues that impact individuals worldwide and cause life-threatening diseases such as obesity and malnutrition. Due to the gravity of this widespread epidemic, we designed a new way of eating healthy at a cost that is universally affordable by creating a nutritious and exceptionally delicious mix of Amaranth grain and chocolate. We realized that the junk food industry could have a positive spin by replacing highly consumed products with healthier alternatives that had the same delicious taste. After some research and experiments, we discovered the several nutritional benefits of amaranth and other superfoods. By combining amaranth with our formula, we were able to create one of the healthiest chocolate bars in the world. We wanted this bar to be appetizing enough so that people would want to eat it, making them improve their daily nutritional intake, hence, offering a solution to obesity and malnutrition problems.

Problem: A high proportion of obesity and malnutrition problems derive from the massive consumption of junk chocolates. Such consumption has led Mexico & the United States to be in the top 5 countries with the highest obesity rankings.

Solution: A tasty and healthy plant-based food that will replace junk chocolates. Ranging from 62 to 75 calories, our three chocolate bars with six cubes will be the perfect substitute for traditional chocolate bars. Our product with a base of Amaranth has several benefits including 1) Gluten-free: promotes digestive health; 2) Lowers Cholesterol And Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease 3) High in fiber and protein.

Amaranth, the food of the astronauts

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