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Massive agricultural


What we eat is what is killing us and putting our life on earth at risk. By 2050 we will be around 9.5 billion people, we will need to produce more than twice as much food as we produced in the last 30 years, otherwise there will not be enough for everyone. Feeding the world in a sustainable way will probably be the biggest challenge we are going to face.
The United Nations says Seeds will play a crucial role in feeding a growing global population without wrecking the environment.

The problem

  • Land Usage 50% world habitable land is ready used for agriculture. Principally corn and wheat.
  • Environmental Impact : Livestock is the major contributor (18%)  to greenhouse gases in the world, just above transportation and construction.
  • Food Wasting 30% of global food production, is lost or wasted annually, roughly 1.3 billion tons.
Amaranth, Quinoa & Chía
They have a dramatically lower environmental impact that beef, almost similar to insects.
  • 20x Less CO2 Emissions
  • 10x Less Water
  • 5x Land Usage
  • Cruelty Free
They are quite more nutritious and healthy
  • As much Protein as Beef
  • 20% More Fiber than Wheat 
  • 85% more Calcium than Milk
Amaranth crops help reduce CO2, producing lots of oxygen and growing almost any climate conditions!

The solution

change starts here


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