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  • Land Usage 50% world habitable land is ready used for agriculture. Principally corn and wheat.
  • Environmental Impact : Livestock is the major contributor (18%)  to greenhouse gases in the world, just above transportation and construction.
  • Food Wasting 30% of global food production, is lost or wasted annually, roughly 1.3 billion tons.
Amaranth, Quinoa & Chía
They have a dramatically lower environmental impact that beef, almost similar to insects.
  • 20x Less CO2 Emissions
  • 10x Less Water
  • 5x Land Usage
  • Cruelty Free
They are quite more nutritious and healthy
  • As much Protein as Beef
  • 20% More Fiber than Wheat 
  • 85% more Calcium than Milk
Amaranth crops help reduce CO2, producing lots of oxygen and growing almost any climate conditions!


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